The D&D Mansion is the most unique luxury mansion in Las Vegas-the world capital for all fun entertainment. The D&D features what is quintessential Vegas in all of its modern-day glory that makes Vegas the #1 exhibition destination in the whole wide world.

With a classical Roman and Venetian design, from courtyards, arches, columns, down to the smallest architectural details, and all that is the finest Italian design of yesteryears, the D&D Mansion will ensure that you will be feeling at home in Ancient Rome with all of its history, culture and luxury. From both the inside and outside of the mansion, marble statues of farmhouse Greek and Roman goddesses will accompany you.

Featuring within the mansion grounds are 5 kitchen of high-level chefs that were rated 5 thumbs-up by the most demanding star chefs out there. The D&D Kitchens also include a 3000-bottle wine cellar, and services that can cater to more than 500 guests having a feast, all at the same time!

For every happy go lucky Vegas trip, fun is the center of each and every occasion. That is why the property has a resort with 8 water attractions to give fun for our guests even in the hot Vegas sun. At the center of it all are waterfalls, a grotto, swim-up bars, bar benches in the water, and Hawaiian Palapa as shades for every activity like sitting in the pool surrounded by palm trees and water, you will ponder if you are in Hawaii or heaven on earth Vegas.

The fun does not end there. We have the only known private resident Chinese Garden on the West Coast of the United States; the DEBI Garden, which features Taihu stones directly from Suzhou, China, where the world-famous Suzhou Gardens can be found. Four bridges, winding river, Koi pond, another of our fresh water pool, surrounded by lots of greenery, and lots and lots of bamboo, this tranquil Chinese garden will bring Zen and peace to both your body and soul.

Add to all that are the D&D Mansion’s open plaza on its southern lawn, big enough to seat 500 guests in one sitting. It has private gardens, each with their own characteristic; a gated garden with a Chinese playing ground with a sandbox, and an Italian small garden with marble statues, waterfall, and fountain. With a man-made controlled rain system in place, we can turn the hottest summer day with a cool breezing raining session any time of the year.

With 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, a dedicated gym, a library, a large conference room, a breakfast area, a formal dining area, and a playing room, the house can accommodate up to 39 people. When you come to the main kitchen, you will be amazed at its size, it is the largest kitchen in any mansion. It has 16 burners, 5 ovens, and two long islands up to 18 feet, this is a party paradise where 40 plus people can hold their drinks and all fit into one kitchen.

The resort, the giant trees, its serene gardens, its professional chefs, and its complete accommodations, this is exactly what every hard-working, smart person would need in a wonderful vacation to balance the work, play, and much needed relaxation. This is the wonderful place to be in the hot summer months here in Vegas.

The D&D Mansion is the perfect staying and entertaining destination in Las Vegas: for a group of highly demanding people; a company coming from conferences and/or exhibitions; a tour group that wants that ultimate Vegas fun and luxury without the presidential suite high costs; a company running team building/high level meetings or board gatherings.

The D&D Mansion has been the backdrop of TV shows and have been booked for famous professional sports teams and athletes since it first opened. We would love to have you and your group as our next guest!

Come join us and enjoy Vegas with us! The D&D Mansion, where all of your DREAMS and DESIRES would become reality!


"We came in expecting a good time, we left with a wonderful time. What a place! So much luxury and fun to enjoy, even a full gym with 900 lbs of pro weights. The pool is amazing with even a swim up bar under Palapa. What a place. We will definitely come back again."

"Very professionally done! Our company had our top management meeting and leadership training at the DD mansion, as we wanted to be close yet not on the Strip so we can work well during the day and play hard at night. DD gave us both at their single location. We had good meeting in their large conference room that fit 20 people, and we had so many places for our breakout sessions both in and outside the mansion."

"We are so glad that we have choose the DD mansion over strip hotels. Not only all 30 of us fit in without a problem, and the price per person was so much better. Yet that is not what is best about this place: all the fun stuff it has are so amazing. Great two pools, great workout room, such huge kitchen that all 50 of our friends and families all fit in at the same time. We will be so happy to come here for our next family gathering party and fun stay. Thanks a lot, DD. Good memories."

Rental Disclaimer

All rentals will need to be 31+ days to meet all Clark County current ordinance. All other Clark County ordinances on noise level, public parking and others are all required. For details please refer to our property rental agreement.